Everything You Need to Know About Air Freight

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What is Air Freight?

Air freight is a type of transportation in which packages and goods are delivered by air.

Air freight is one of the safest and fastest methods of shipping goods and packages. It is most often used for time sensitive deliveries or when the distance to be covered by the shipment is too large for other delivery modes such as ocean shipping or rail transport.

Who Uses Air Freight?

Generally, air freight is utilised by businesses that need to transport goods internationally. It is commonly used for transporting expensive items that are time-sensitive, have a high value, or are not able to be shipped by other means.

Air freight is also a viable option for those who need to transport cargo quickly (i.e express shipping).

What Can be Sent Via Air Freight?

Most items can be shipped by air freight, however there are some restrictions surrounding ‘dangerous goods’.

Items such as acids, compressed gas, batteries, bleach, explosives, flammable liquids, ignitable gases, and matches and lighters are considered ‘dangerous goods’ and cannot be transported via airplane.

Why Ship by Air?

There are a number of benefits to shipping via air. Most notably, air freight is significantly faster than sea freight or trucking. It is the top choice for international express shipping, as goods can be transported on a next-day, same-day basis.

Air freight also allows you to send your cargo almost anywhere. You are not limited by roads or shipping ports, so you have much more freedom to send your products to customers all around the world.

There is also generally more security surrounding air freight services. As your products won’t have to go from handler-to-handler or truck-to-truck, the likelihood of theft or damage occurring is much less.

Getting Started with Air Freight

If you want to transport your goods via air freight, there are a number of documents you need. These include commercial invoices, consular invoices, a certificate of origin, an inspection certificate and more.

Your best bet for ensuring you have all the required documentation and certification is to give ISS a call. We can help guide you through the process and ensure your goods are suitable for air freight. We will also help you get the best rate as well a s the fastest shipping time to keep your customers satisfied!