Our ISS Technology

  • 1 min read

At ISS, we’ve implemented a number of technological processes to maximise the efficiency of our operations. We understand that the accurate and rapid flow of information is a critical requirement in ensuring the smooth and predictable movement of freight.

At the centre of our technology strategy is the world’s leading Freight Management Solution, CargoWise from WiseTech Global.

CargoWise is a cloud-based software platform that enables us to execute highly complex logistics transactions and manage our operations on one database across multiple users, functions, offices and countries.

CargoWise allows us to automate and optimise our international forwarding operations across modes and borders. We are able to boost productivity by automating repetitive shipments tasks, escalations and notifications, improve visibility by sharing job-related information with our partners and suppliers, and mitigate regulatory risk by keeping all our data on the one platform.

This means we are able to offer faster, clearer, more efficient, and more reliable freight, transport, and distribution services for our customers.