Parcel VS Pallet Shipping: Which is Best for You?

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If you’re planning on shipping LCL (less-than-container load), something you’ll have to determine is whether you’re going to opt for parcel shipping or pallet shipping.

What is Parcel Shipping?

Parcel shipping is the most popular method for shipping consignment when the goods are small, lightweight, and can be easily lifted without assistance. Here, the items are placed in a package or a carton, generally wrapped in a plastic film/bubble wrap or a protective material. They are then loaded directly into their shipping container with no additional packaging or storage.

Benefits of Parcel Shipping

  • Easy to track
  • More efficient loading and unloading processes
  • Suitable for shipping to individual customers
  • Cost-effective.

What is Pallet Shipping?

Pallet shipping is when multiple packages are stacked into boxes or pallets and transported as a single shipment. It is the best choice of shipping for bulky cargo and when the supplier has to ship multiple packages at once to a single location.

Benefits of Pallet Shipping

  • Extra security and protection
  • Less manual handling at checkpoints
  • Less risk of loss or damage
  • Moved by forklift.

Which One is Best for You? Parcel Shipping or Pallet Shipping?

Ultimately what it comes down to is the nature and volume of your cargo. If you’re shipping one or two small, lightweight products, it's most time and cost-effective to choose parcel shipping. If you’re shipping multiple goods or large/heavy cargo, opt for pallet shipping .

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