The 4 Best Ways of Avoiding Container Rollover

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Container rollovers occur when a container doesn’t get loaded onto its intended vessel. It can occur for a number of reasons such as late gate in, incorrect or missing documentation, vessel overbooking, and port omission.


When a rollover occurs, the container is usually loaded onto the next available vessel, shipped through an alternative route, or changed to another carrier. This can cause considerable delays and, in some cases, additional fees.

Fortunately, there are ways shippers can reduce the chances of container rollover occurring. Read on for ISS’s top 4.

1. Place Advanced Bookings

Placing bookings in advance will greatly increase the chances of getting space on a vessel and decrease the risk of containers getting rolled over. Carriers publish schedules regularly, which are accessible online. Shippers should check these regularly and book as far in advance as possible.

2. Make Sure Shipping Documents are Correct

Ensuring all shipping documents contain the right information, are accurate, and comply with relevant regulations will reduce the chances of containers being rolled over as a result of insufficient or inaccurate documentation.

Ensuring that the shipping documents are correct is the responsibility of the shipper and should therefore be prioritised.

3. Split Shipments

Shipping large shipments that have a few containers can result in the entire shipment being rolled, even if there is only an issue with one container. Because of this, shippers should consider splitting shipments into multiple bills of lading. Do keep in mind, however, that this may incur additional shipping costs.

4. Avoid Transshipments

Transshipments typically have a higher container rollover rate compared to direct sailings. As a result, shippers should aim to ship directly as much as possible, particularly when shipping urgent cargo.

Following these tips will help you avoid container rollover. The best way to prevent delays and ship your goods seamlessly, however, is to use ISS! Our dedicated team of shipping professionals are highly experienced in getting goods from point A to point B without hassle and without container rollover.

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