The Top 5 Benefits of Shipment Tracking

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Shipment tracking has become a vital component of successful supply chain management. Not only does it benefit customers, but shipment tracking is also very beneficial for businesses for a multitude of reasons.

Read on to find out ISS’s top 5 benefits of shipment tracking.

1. Reduced Costs

Although shipment tracking systems require an initial upfront payment to implement, they can significantly reduce costs in the long-term. As shipment tracking provides you with the location of the shipment, its specifications, and often the SKUs contained in it, it allows you to reduce instances of incorrect product deliveries. This in turn, can help you avoid expenses associated with re-packaging, re-warehousing, inventory storage, and fuel and other transportation related costs.

A tracking system also aids in better management of all your shipping-related activities, allowing you to reduce the occurrence of customer complaints, and be better equipped to handle them if they do occur.

2. Improved Customer Satisfaction

Shipment tracking provides customers with a real-time view of where their order is and when they can expect it. Because of its ability to provide better transparency in the supply chain, shipping tracking can drastically improve the experience your customers have with your business. This can improve customer loyalty to your business, and help you generate more sales.

3. On-Time Deliveries

Delayed shipment complaints are one of the most common complaints ecommerce businesses receive. When used effectively, shipment tracking can help improve accuracy in estimated delivery times, and give customers greater clarity about why their shipment is late in the event delays do occur.

In addition, shipment tracking allows you to communicate and collaborate more closely with distributors, warehouse managers, and couriers. This means that any sudden or unexpected changes in the supply chain will be communicated much more quickly to you and, in turn, your customers.

4. Increased Efficiency

When integrated with warehouse logistics and other business systems (such as purchase order systems), shipment tracking systems can greatly improve efficiency in the supply chain. Potential delays in deliveries can be relayed to customers more smoothly by using the information on the shipment’s progress provided by the tracking system and other logistics technologies.

In addition, business owners will obtain greater visibility over which modes or carriers are more reliable.

5. Better Communication

Last but not least, shipment tracking opens up lines of communication in your business. It allows you to more easily coordinate with inventory managers, warehouse managers, and freight carriers.

Better communication leads to more efficient processes, which leads to better service and greater customer satisfaction!

The better communication between carriers and shipping lines afforded by shipment tracking systems can also help improve business relationships with logistics companies and allow you to form partnerships with key players in the industry.

If you’re wanting to streamline your business’s shipping processes, get in touch with ISS. We can help you maximise efficiency in your supply chain and avoid unnecessary expenses!

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