The Top 7 Benefits of Air Freight

  • 2 min read

There are many different methods of transportation, all of which have their benefits and drawbacks. Air freight is a popular choice for transport, particularly for low-volume, high-value cargo. But what are the other benefits of air freight? Read on to find out!

Fastest Shipping Method

Air freight is much faster than alternative shipping methods such as sea freight and trucking. It is the first choice for express shipping as it can often have goods delivered to customers within 1-2 days of them placing the order.

Global Delivery

Using air freight enables you to send your products to a greater range of destinations. As airplanes are not limited by roads, oceans, or shipping ports, you can send your goods almost anywhere with air freight.

More Security

Shipping via air allows for a much higher level of security. As goods do not have to go from handler-to-handler or truck-to-truck, the likelihood of theft or damage occurring is significantly reduced.

Low Insurance Premiums

The time required to ship by air is much less than that of alternative transport options. This means you can pay less in insurance premiums as your products will be spending less time in transit. 

Trackable Cargo

Most air freight companies give you easy access to sites where you can track your cargo in real-time. This means you can track your goods from departure to arrival without delay. 

Reliable Arrival and Departure Times

The arrival and departure times of airplanes are usually very reliable. It is very rare that there are any delays or unexpected hold-ups which often occur with other shipping methods, such as trucking.

Less Requirement of Warehousing

As products can be shipped much faster with air freight, there is not as much need to keep items in stock. This means there is less requirement for warehousing, allowing you to save money on renting, labour and additional transport costs.

If you have any additional questions about air freight and whether it’s right for your business, get in touch with our friendly ISS team today!