4 Benefits of Consolidating Your Shipments

  • 2 min read

If you’re wanting to find a way to save money on shipping and boost efficiency in your supply chain, freight consolidation may be a good option for you.

Freight consolidation involves merging multiple smaller shipments traveling to nearby regions into one shipment that will eventually be broken down and transported to their final destination.

Although consolidating your shipping requires a bit of time, effort, and industry knowledge, it can present many benefits for your business. Read on for ISS’s top 4.

1. Cost-Effective

The main reason many businesses choose to optimise their shipments is because it can be a much more cost-effective approach to shipping. Transporting a full-load of cargo rather than multiple partial-loads will save you a lot of money in the long run.

2. More Secure

Unfortunately, missing and damaged cargo during shipping is not an uncommon occurrence. Consolidating your cargo can, however, help minimise the risk of damages and losses occurring during the supply chain. This is because consolidated shipping reduces the amount of transfers required during transit, and hence reduces handling requirements. As a result, there is less opportunity for goods to get damaged or go missing.

As consolidated shipping usually involves more experienced carriers, your shipments will generally be in safer, more-experienced hands, too.

3. Happier Customers

Providing your customers with quick delivery and lower shipping costs will boost customer satisfaction. As consolidating freight can reduce transit times and help you lower your shipping expenses, it can greatly improve satisfaction amongst your customers. This means that your customers will be much more likely to buy from you again.

In addition, consolidating your shipments can make shipping more secure and reliable. This means that your customers are less likely to experience delayed deliveries or receive broken orders.

4. Boosts Relationships

Last but not least, consolidated shipping can improve relationships between you, carriers, and customers. As you will have to work closely with carriers to establish your consolidated shipping strategy, you will likely form consistent and loyal relationships with carrier companies which may lead to better pricing in the future.

In addition, your customers will appreciate the effort you’ve gone to to lower costs and help them get their orders faster. This will greatly improve relationships between your business and your customers.

Consolidating freight can be invaluable for many businesses. However, it is not always easy to pull off. Consolidating shipments requires a lot of time and effort initially, as well as a solid understanding of the shipping industry.

If you’re wanting to consolidate your shipments, we recommend you talk to ISS. With our years of industry experience and extensive network of carriers and shipping providers, we will be able to help establish a consolidated shipping strategy that works for you.

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