ISS Shipping’s YouTube Channel: The Place to Go For Exclusive Interviews, Shipping Tips and Market Updates

  • 1 min read

Did you know that ISS Shipping has a YouTube channel? Our channel features a range of videos on a variety of topics, including shipping market wraps, ISS staff interviews, and client stories from some of our valued customers.

Market Wraps

In our shipping market wraps, ISS Managing Director, Zoran Ilic, provides valuable insights into the climate of the shipping industry. Zoran describes shipping prices, supply and demand levels, the influence of current world events on the industry, potential areas of disruption, and advice on how businesses can navigate the market. He also shares exciting news and developments within the ISS Shipping Group.

Staff Interviews

Get to know the ISS team with full-length staff interviews. In these interviews, we discuss the roles of each team member, what they bring to ISS, what ISS brings to its clients, and what they are most looking forward to in ISS’s future. We also talk about how ISS came to be and any plans for further developments of the business.

Client Stories

Learn about our customers and what ISS does for them with full-length client interviews. We interview a range of ISS customers to find out what they do, how long they have worked with ISS, the services ISS provides them, and the competitive advantages ISS offers. We also talk to Zoran about the relationship between ISS and each of its clients and how ISS is able to act as an extension of their businesses.

To view our exclusive content and stay up to date with ISS Shipping, join our YouTube community today! Check out our page and subscribe here.