Illawarra Hawks and Our Sixth Man Zone

  • 1 min read

Proudly sponsored by ISS Shipping, the newly unveiled Sixth Man Zone has been changing the game for our Illawarra Hawks at their NBL22 home fixtures.

The purpose of the Sixth Man Zone is to set a vibrant atmosphere that motivates the Hawks and intimidates their opponents.

Positioned behind the backboard, adjacent to the Hawks’ bench, the Sixth Man Zone combines different community groups to cheer on our team and act as the Hawk’s sixth teammate on the court.

The community groups in the zone will provide vocal support for the Hawks through pre-scripted chants and activities led by Hawks game-day volunteers, mascots, cheerleaders, and MCs.

Our ISS Managing Director, Zoran Ilic, saw the potential of the Sixth Man Zone and wanted to jump on board as the official sponsors.

“Coming from a strong background in high-level sport and being in a position to give back to the community, I thought the Sixth Man Zone would be a great opportunity to support our local basketball club,” said Zoran.

“The kids love it, it’s a fantastic initiative, and it’s great exposure for both ISS and the Hawks.”

The Sixth Man Zone has had substantial effects on the Hawks’ performance, electrifying the atmosphere of their stadium and motivating them during their home fixtures.

We are excited to continue supporting the Hawks throughout the season and watch as they power up the NBL22 rankings.