ISS: Specialists in Serbian Shipping

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At International Shipping Services, we have an abundance of long-standing relationships with freight companies across the globe. Being proudly founded and owned by a Serbian-Australian family, our relationships with shipping companies in Serbia are particularly strong. This allows us to fast-track shipments between Australia and Serbia and ensure the best rates for our customers.

When shipping to and from Serbia, there are some things our clients should keep in mind.

Duty and Tax Information

Serbia has a “de minimis rule”, whereby shipments that fall below a certain monetary value will not incur duty or tax. In Serbia, the de minimis value is:

  • 20 RSD for duty
  • 20 RSD for tax.

This excludes alcohol and tobacco shipments where duty and tax are applied.

Prohibited and Restricted Imports

As of August 2021, new product restrictions have been introduced on Serbian imports. Products that are banned include those that pose threats to the environment, such as:

  • Second-hand cars that do not comply with at least Euro 3 noise and exhaust standards
  • Gas tractors, building and mining equipment more than 3 years old (except those imported for humanitarian reasons)
  • Dangerous waste and toxic chemicals.

Import Requirements and Documentation

Serbia follows a standardised import and export documentation process. Such documentation often includes a commercial invoice, quarantine packing declaration, packing list, bill of lading, and insurance certificates.

In addition, there are a number of items that require additional certification such as narcotics, unregistered medicine, raw materials, fauna and flora, and weapons. A full list can be found on the Serbian customs website.

At ISS, we specialise in shipments between Serbia and Australia. We are well-aware of the certification required on all imports and exports, and restrictions on certain products. Our connections also allow us to ship to anywhere in Serbia and Australia in minimal turn-around time and with minimal expense.