Stevan’s Promotion to General Manager of ISS

  • 1 min read

On behalf of the entire ISS team, we are pleased to announce that Stevan Ilic will now be acting as a General Manager for the ISS Shipping Group.

Previously working as our NSW Operations Manager, Stevan will now be managing the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane offices of ISS Shipping Group, which includes the recent FLA merger.

Managing Director, Zoran Ilic, expresses his enthusiasm for Stevan and the future of ISS, “I’m very excited that my son, Stevan, is taking a more senior role. I feel very confident that he has the capabilities to make sure the business continues to grow and expand.”

Stevan, who started at ISS right after graduating high school, recently celebrated 10 years at ISS in August of 2022. His extensive experience in the industry and at ISS in particular has equipped him with the skills and knowledge required to move into a more senior position.

“His [Stevan’s] knowledge over the last ten years has grown to a level that allows our business to take the next step with regards to the management structure of ISS,” says Zoran. “We are all very excited to welcome Stevan to his new role.”